HLR stands for Home Location Register. It is a service of mobile number validation & information. With a powerful tool which allows checking the validity of mobile numbers the first that comes in mind is, Cost Reduction!

AMD Telecom's HLR Lookup service is an essential service, which holds the most accurate, up-to-date, real time performed information on any subscriber globally.

Imagine how much money you could save if you were sure that the mobile numbers in your list are actually in use!

HLR Lookup is a smart, essential service enabling effective clean up of mobile number lists and identification of invalid numbers avoiding effectively the unnecessary costs of failed and returned SMS while correcting your lists with new valid numbers.

Clean up your lists NOW!

Using our HLR Service and reduce costs dramatically by identifying invalid numbers

Additionally ways of cost reduction through our HLR Service:
  • Identification of ported and valid numbers, anywhere in the world
  • Fast and accurate service, compared to other provider’s similar services
  • Ensuring the correct network billing
  • Real Time and up-to-date identification
  • Instant and easy activation operation
  • No investment needed in technical or human resources
  • Competitive rates